Hydratrack – Integrity Hose Management

Hydratrack – Integrity Hose Management

Our integrity management solutions deliver tangible benefits to our clients. Hydratrack will assist you in ensuring your facilities and infrastructure perform at optimal levels and comply with all standards, codes and legislation; in other words, we make sure your asset will do what its intended to do, and that you have the tools and processes to continue to function safely and effectively throughout the asset lifecycle.


The Integrity Management System has been developed based on the following 6 core deliverables:

  • To provide a complete Hose Management system including:
    • Establish a baseline asset listing and RFID tagging in order to enhance accuracy of databases and reduce inspection and maintenance resource and resource planning.
    • Provide a comprehensive survey, inspection, condition assessment, maintenance, replacement, and support service on and off site.
    • Provide a 24hr online accessible user-friendly system for both asset cataloguing and pre-procurement (supply quote generation) and procurement support.
    • Remove reliance on spreadsheets for recording business critical information enhanced by integration with existing ERP systems (e.g. SAP/Maximo).
    • Provide technical and re-certification support throughout the project scope.

This can be used in conjunction with our mobile workshops as means of providing our customers with a complete hose management services package.


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